Updates on ALICIA’s impact dimensions from YAGHMA’s side

ALICIA aims to enhance sustainability by leveraging second-hand use of industrial production resources within the Circular Economy paradigm. Since sustainability covers many different dimensions, YAGHMA contributes to assessing ALICIA’s social, ethical, and environmental sustainability aspects.

Within ALICIA’s Circular Manufacturing Ecosystem (CME) many stakeholders and digital technologies are involved. While bearing human-centricity in mind, it must be ensured that the transition to a circular production model occurs in a socially and ethically responsible manner. Stakeholders to be considered in ALICIA encompass factory workers operating the equipment, factory owners utilizing ALICIA’s technologies for purchasing/selling equipment, and value chain actors providing third-party services such as refurbishment or logistics.

Through Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA), user acceptance survey, and digital ethics auditing, YAGHMA will assure human-centricity and ethical use of ALICIA by identifying potential impacts and risks caused by the technologies, stakeholders, or the ecosystem’s processes itself. Specifically, the data-sharing concerns of competitor industries but also how to overcome potential fraudulent activities will be addressed in designing digital solutions.

Regarding the environmental dimension, we aim to answer these questions by conducting LCA for ALICIA second-hand lines: What are the pros and cons of using second-hand assembly lines? What are the environmental hotspots of second-hand manufacturing resources? How do changes in machine performance over time influence its environmental impacts? What type of information is needed to conduct such assessments?

💡 To ensure the economic viability of ALICIA CME, novel business models, and commercialization strategies will be investigated based on sustainable business innovation frameworks.

✅ Performing all these explained steps allows us to ensure ALICIA CME is becoming a responsible circular solution.

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